Memory Match Game

Memory Match Game
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Memory Match Game!!!  Personalized!  This set includes 26 individual game pieces.  Each with a letter of the alphabet on it!  All you have to do is spell what you like.  You can do the entire alphabet, or just a name.  You can do 2 of each letter, or make it interesting and do 3 or 4!

Each Letter is sewn out in one color with a dot fill pattern, along with a rounded square border. Each block is 1.77" square.

Shown here with varigated thread.

 A small opening is left so you can turn after you unhoop.

Set also included blank 1.77" block, and a blank 2" block so you can use a different font if you like.  You could also use blocks to put words or names on them.

You can make a complete game in one hooping!


This game is a great way to exercise your mind!!  Perfect for children learning letters, and perfect for older people needing a little mental stimulation! 





How to play

Follow these steps to play the Memory game:
  1. Lay the game pieces face down, in random order but in neat rows.
  2. A player turns over any two game pieces to see if they match each other.

    If they match, the player keeps them and turns over two more game pieces. This player continues playing in this way until the two pieces do not match.

    If they do not match, the player turns the game pieces face down again in the same location and the next player takes his or her turn.

    If they match, the player keeps them and turns over two more game pieces.

  3. To Play alone, try to beat your own score!!!

  4. You can play that each player only wins if they can collect all of the letters to spell their own name.  Putting back any letters of another players name.











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